Book title confirmed!

Work is progressing well for the new book, the first draft is complete and I am going through the layout process. Once this is complete, I have to take a few hundred pictures and get editing!

I'm seeing this whole project as a kind of foundational literature, with the focus on core skills to form a platform for personal development. Wow, that read like a self-help book.. I guess it kind of is in the hobby sense. With my limited experience in the hobby I don't want anyone to compare this to the likes of books put out by seasoned pro's who write books to show specific styles or advanced scribing / modifying methods. I think a lot of starters in the hobby buy these books expecting they'll be at the same level as them without getting the basics down first, so this book aims to address that. 

Once the layout and pictures are done, it'll go through a round of editing again, then off to be proof read. The October deadline still looks good. 

Physical copies will be available, albeit in limited form with some nice gifts!

The title shall be 'The Mecha Modellers Primer: Modelling fundamentals to develop your own style'.  


Welcome to the new GundamUK website!

Woop! Welcome to the brand, brand new GundamUK website! I have moved on from the old wordpress platform and onto this very sleek, and more importantly 10x faster hosting platform, squarespace. 

What's new:

  • Much improved gallery for my works
  • Sleeker, easier to manage blog
  • Faster loading, like... much faster
  • Online store! Items will be added soon.. 

There's also a few other things I am working on that will be updated in due course. Thanks for visiting!