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My name is Simon, and I am a mecha model enthusiast. What the jumping heck is that you might ask? Well, it's someone who spends many hours building sci-fi model kits that are mainly robot-based. To be more specific, a majority of what I paint and build are model kits from the Gundam franchise, commonly referred to as Gunpla. 

Professionally, I am a Graphic Designer doing all kinds of stuff, mostly involving animals. 

Personally, I have a keen interest in philosophy, politics, psychology and truth. I'm also into post-apocalyptic or dystopian sci-fi. 

I reside in the UK with my loving and awesome wife and children. 

I also used to make a bit of music back in the day and tinkered with some synths and released some tracks under the name Chokai. You can have a listen on my bandcamp page by clicking here.