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New year updates and things!

Having passed through a successfully relaxed festive and new year period i’s time to get back into the thick of it. A few new things have happened since last I did blog.

Firstly I feel super lucky to now be making some gunpla related content for my long-term supplier of all things paint related, I have now just completed the first build series of videos for the emodels youtube channel, where I discovered just how wonderful the Zaku II, version 2.0 Master Grade. Subscribe to the emodels youtube channel here, it’s well worth your eyeball time for all things modelling related, with some excellent tips, tricks and builds.

Secondly, I have been sent kit to work on from a brand new UK gunpla seller at, I will be building and painting up a HG kit to be revealed on the youtube channel, in the meantime I suggest checking them out as their range of kits of ever expanding and the prices are not bad in comparison to other UK sellers. Remember that, the more Gunpla that gets sold in the UK within the UK, the better the chances are that we’ll get representation in the GBWC (which is a good thing for the hobby all-round, regardless of if it a serious modelling compo or not).

Progress on the book is still progress on the book. I aimed for October last year but other commitments gained priority, so I am looking now to have it done by June this year for release in August.

For the aftermarket parts store, I am looking to continue to expand the range of products I have on offer, and adding more tools.

Thats about it. Thank you everyone for your continued support of what I do, it really means a lot and keeps me motivated to improve and promote this excellent hobby here in Blighty.