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Information about commissions

Information about commission work


Any work undertaken will be charged in most cases by the hour, at around £10 per hour + the cost of materials + shipping. Models must be supplied by the client, and can be supplied as a kit, or already assembled. To give you a better idea of the total cost here are some examples. Please note, these can vary depending on the level of complexity.

Standard, Bandai high grade kit, fully painted + weathered: +/-10 hours, £80. Material cost will be +/- £10, shipping within the UK +/-£10, rough total £100.

Master Grade kit +/-20 hours, £160, Material cost +/- £15, UK shipping, +/- £10, rough total cost £185.

For special models that involve complex modification, kit-bashing, special paint work, dioramas or any other type of model kit, I will provide other quotes.

I will require a 20% non-refundable deposit before undertaking any work (that will be deducted from the final cost on completion), at the point I receive the kit to be created. Full payment must be made on completion. Please note too, I am a working man with a family, so some works may take longer, but you will only be charged for the hours I actually work on the kit. I can typically turn a kit around in a month, depending on current commission load. I will inform of any possible delays, and I can take a nice set of professional pictures for your to do with what you like :)

Thank you for your interest!