The Mecha Modelling community is vast and varied, so to help you out here’s a few links for good places to start!

Websites : Lot’s of marvellous tutorials to help get you started! Regular blogs, WIP’s and Tips.


YouTube channels

Subscribe to some excellent youtube channels for regular mecha kit reviews, works-in-progress, tutorials and more. Check out these channels to start off with!

  • GundamUK (my channel of course! I try to post a new vid each week!).
  • Steezy (fantastic works in progress and tutorial videos)
  • Ghost of Zeon (tutorials and GBWC contender)
  • Zakuaurelius (All the latest news, reviews and more from the world of mecha modelling – a subscription essential!)
  • Gunpla Fixation (fantastic workbench tips, and regular live streaming events with other Mecha Modellers world wide)
  • Justinius Builds (Mecha modelling buddy from the US, with some amazing works!).
  • Mokanaman (Experienced modelling master, offering regular Q&A sessions and regular WIPs)

Where to buy kits

International sellers: (tried and tested, beware of the dreaded customs charges though! anything over £15 in total value, you’ll be looking at a customs surcharge here in the UK unless you get the package marked as a ‘gift’).

  • (Hobby Link Japan). The biggest, most well known international seller for Gunpla and mecha kits – and probably with the largest range available. Very trustworthy, but long shipping times.
  • Banzai Hobby – A personal favourite of mine, quick delivery times, good customer support, reasonable delivery charges and regular sales and promotions. Highly recommended!
  • Jungle SCS. Overstock, old stock and display stock mecha kits at amazingly cheap prices. Not the best range, but worth checking every so often as you’ll come across that one kit you have been looking for for ages that’s been out of stock everywhere else! Jungle uses a trust system, so you’ll have to perform a few steps before they will sell to you. They really dislike it if you cancel an order so please, be sure before you hit the buy button!

UK-based sellers:

  • Japan:Cool ( A good range of kits, and will take requests if you want something and it’s out of stock. Great trust factor and all-round nice dudes.
  • Gundam Mad (

It’s best to mostly avoid amazon for mecha kits. You can go ahead and buy if you like, but you will most certainly be paying over the odds. Always check with other sellers first before buying. The same goes for ebay – although from time-to-time you will come across a bargain.

Expect the average HG to be around £10-15, MG £30-£50, but do of course always check multiple sources before buying, and the Japanese price in yen, listed as the last 4 digits in the barcode on Bandai kits.

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