A while back, I used to make and release music under the name Chokai. Chokai is a mixture of electronic chill, dance, ambience and all sorts and you can download the latter few releases from my catalogue right here, for nothing! Click on an image to download a zip for each release.

I also produced under the name the Infinity Circuit for the more harsher stuff, you can download the only release I did below with the bonus tracks.

You can use this music for any projects you have, but I would appreciate a little link to my bandcamp URL below!

Want to have a listen first? You can visit my bandcamp page here:

Coldstar EP

Coldstar EP (2011)

'86 Space Battle Robots

’86 Space Robots Battle (2010)

Knowledge and Ignorance (2008)

Glade Geita (2007)

Iko (2005)

This download is a collection of tracks I never released: Chokai – unreleased tracks

The Infinity Circuit – the daze of mother earth EP