Completed 21/03/17. Inner frame painted in enamels, lacquers and acrylics. 4 tones of purple used along side greys, yellows and metallics. A few scribes made in the armour parts, and the back of the ankles have been modified with additional thrusters.

This one was a bit of practice really in pla-plating and detailing up hence it was not a WIP series on YouTube. Learned a few new things – sanding over pla plates in situ is not a good idea, it tends to round off the detail and makes it look a bit doughy. It also melts it a bit if there are recesses underneath. Nail art beads for the ‘rivet’ details worked well, but I have to be more aware that the sizes vary quite considerably, a couple where stuck in place that just did not fit the holes I drilled.

Some decals are pretty low quality and silvered like hell, attempted to remedy by slicing them with a hobby knife and applying microsol, it just did not work, I don’t think i’ll be using cheap decals any more. All the HI-Q decals however are beautifully flush and only required 1 round of micro sol/set. You get what you pay for. I placed a decal on the left leg, but was later not happy wit how it looked so I attempted to remove it. As it was a Hi-Q decal it had fused with the paintwork in a molecular scale, and scratched the hell out of it when I tried to remove it. This is why the MS now has a bright yellow shin.. but I think it looks ok!

The name was invented quickly – The kit is an MG RGM79c Type c so I added an FM to represent ‘field modified’. This one is a space-faring suit, 3rd unit in a squad of 5 in a support role for the lead suit. Primarily concerned with defence and suppression, deploying from the supply frigate Trafalgar Square (hence the left shoulder abbreviation SQ). This is about as far as a backstory went πŸ™‚