MG Jesta – Howling Coyote’s Commander

The Master Grade 1/100 Jesta, custom painted with a tiger stripe desert style. Main weapon modified into a smaller pistol, and added an scratch-build holster on the right leg.

No preshading this time, just a straight-up paint with a little dirt weathering and a few small decals. Used a black enamel base for the inner frame with alclad II duralanium, gun metal and polished brass. Armour primed in alclad grey, and painted in tamiya acrylics, with some detailing done using vallejo model air.

Part of a 6-way build off with the theme to create an entire spec-ops desert-based squad, called the ‘howling coyotes’. My role was the commander, hence the 3-dot insignia on the forehead πŸ™‚

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