Re/100 GP04G Gerbera – Complete

What a smashing kit. Being my first re/100 I was very impressed with the quality of detail and engineering. It’s definitely a leap forward from the old 1/100 ‘no-grade’ kits of old. Assembly was quick and painless, the leg assembly causing a little bit of trouble is disassembly but upon realising the tiny orange circular vent below the knee was the key to holding it all together it was figured out. Mods wise, only really drilled out some holes in the thrusters, added in a pinhead on the shoulders.

Painting went ok, primed everything as usual in Alclad primer and microfiller, and black enamel for the metallic parts (joints, weapons mostly). Used Alclad stainless steel for the thruster bells as it has a nice dark shiny quality. Used gunmetal as a base for the guns, and duralanium for the joint parts, detailing some parts out with a little brass, gold and silver. Blue parts I used vallejo model air, was not overly pleased with the finish being a little on the matt side, but persisted using french blue as a base, highlighting in RAF azure blue. Again, some details picked out hand painting in gold and silver model air. White parts, pretty standard – Tamiya blue for a base, Tamiya white for the highlight. Everything sealed in Alclad Aquagloss. Panel lined in Humbrol black enamel and sealed with 2 coats of Aquagloss again.

Decals sucked balls. This is the third set from Samuel decal now that has sucked, and I think it’s because it’s ‘mass produced’ I don’t know. The protective layer was non existent meaning I had to be super-careful with application, some just crumbled away so had to source a few from other sheets. You can see a little silvering on the shield decals where I was too paranoid to add softer! Not all of Sammy D’s decals are shit I should say, it’s just pretty hit-and-miss. Oh well.

For the head, cut a small square of iridescent paper for the head camera. Reverse-washed the eye’s using Alclad brass and enamel. Finally, top-coated in Tamiya Flat Clear. Done in just over 6 weekends (2-3 hours here and there!).

Overall, an enjoyable project! Will definitely have another go at a RE/100. I felt I could have done the panel lining a little cleaner and perhaps masked off a few more areas of off-white on some more of the armour parts, and perhaps even a different shade of blue on the blue parts.  Highlighting over Tamiya blue is a bit time consuming since it’s so dark, so I think next time I’ll go for a grey?

You can catch the WIP series here on YouTube, or see the gallery below:

Here’s some pics!

Zaku II + Big Gun Thunderbolt – Complete

Completed the Zaku II + Big Gun Thunderbolt. This was a pretty nice little build. I think quite a few people don’t really appreciate what a nice little challenge building a HG kit is. With MG’s, your pretty much spoiled by nice colour separation and little effort (more so in modern kits) in having to modify for seam line removal – with HG’s you are challenged to make it look better!

Here’s the final shots, admittedly a little dark and splotchy but due to time constraints I had to shoot this in the late afternoon which meant poor lighting.

The model itself turned out good, I did mess up a little along the ankles not covering up those seam lines, but I was pretty proud of how I managed to cover up the seam lines on the joints. Decals silvered a tad, but this kit being a fun build rather than a seriously concerted effort i’m pretty happy with the final result.

MG Jesta – Howling Coyote’s Commander Completed

So, I have admittedly skimped a little doing a WIP for this one, mainly due to life events getting in the way, but here it is, the first entry in the 6-modeller build off with Justinius BuildsGary AKA HummingbirdDerick AKA GDX9902 Darren AKA The Anglian viking and Jeff AKA Effael.

Just to recap the theme for this one is based around a 6-MS team based in desert warfare called the ‘howling coyotes’ with each of us taking up a specific spec-ops role. Mine was the commander type, so I modified that huge assault rifle to be a more manageable and lightweight machine pistol, and scratch built a holster on the right leg. I also made a few inconspicuous modifications to the armour and added in some metallic decals for detail. Paint wise, the normal alclad on enamel for the inner frame, tamiya acrylics for the armour and a little vallejo model air this time for some more details. I also used a tamiya weathering set to ‘dirt it up’ a little since the lack of shading make it look a little too ‘right off the production line’.

So, here are some pics. Must say.. what an amazing kit. I really, really enjoyed this build form start to end and the engineering and design is solid. Love it.


MG Jesta Build-off – Part 1

So if you have been following my youtube channel or facebook page, you’ll know I have been steadily working away on a master grade Jesta, as part of a 5-team build off. The premise is simple – each one of us is taking a specific MS type that make up a single special-ops unit based in a desert-ops style.  I chose the commander type, so with that in mind I decided to do away with any heavy weaponry and strip back the armour a little.

The first mod was to reduce the main rifle right down to a machine-pistol style weapon, so I kept the handle grip and cartridges, and glued the grip to the underside of a pistol-fashioned sandwich of pla-plates, and added on some koto detailing with a little panel scribing.



I then knocked up a little holster, and glued that to an outside lower-right leg armour panel to be attached later on once painted:

holsterI then got to work painting and testing out a ‘tiger stripe’ pattern on the armour, similar in style to a Marasai HG I painted a year or so back. The first attempt looked good.. but the contrast was a just too faint for any kind of nice visual impact.


So I painted over that, took the yellow down a tone or two with a little more brown, and arrived at this:


Much better 🙂 So, I went ahead and painted the inner frame for the arms, body, head and backpack in the usual alclad II duralanum, with a few masked bits of detail here and there, and went ahead with the tiger stripe pattern over most of the parts, leaving some in the base and darker tones for a little contrast.


After a clear coating, I set those parts aside for some panel lining and decalling later on once the legs have been completed, and started on the inner frame parts for the legs. I also gave the pistol a prime, sand and smooth, and added a base coat of dark grey.

pistol_primedAnd that’s about it up until now, progress is nice and steady 🙂

If you missed them, here’s a couple of vids I posted on YT over the past couple of weeks showing a little more detail of how I masked the pattern, and a little bit more about my fellow build-off partakers, Justinius, Effael, Hummingbird, Darren and GDX9902.

More updates soon! 🙂



Zaku II big gun thunderbolt WIP#1

Now assembled and de-nubbed, the next process is a little bit of somewhat tedious seam line removal along the tripod legs, a little on the main gun and a little more on the Zaku’s arms and legs.

The plan is for this one is to do a complete OOB build and paint, perhaps (gulp) weathering. We shall see how goes. Here’s a couple of pix of how it’s all looking so far:

20140628_151003 20140628_151008 20140628_151020

Sinanju Stein – Work in progress #6

So, after waiting for a couple of weeks and starting on the Zaku II + Big Gun HG, I finally received the custom decals from Samuel Decal for the Sinanju Stein.

How are they? Well, a bit of a mixed bag. The clarity was very good, nice sharp and clean lines. The tiny text is illegible (not entirely unexpected) and the bigger text is readable enough to be useable, so I started applying them. The silver decals are good, about as strong as I would expect custom decals to be – the white however will break apart ten meters away from a gnats fart – and keep silvering for some reason – so I am trying to keep their use to a minimum.

At this point, I am mostly done – just the legs, sideskirts and feet to go before I go ahead and seal it all in with a clear coat. Then comes a matte coat – and finally the metal studs. Hopefully, all going to plan.. I can get this badboy finally completed tomorrow and start a photo shoot. Here’s a few pix of how it’s going so far:

P1050224 P1050227

Sinanju Stein – Work in progress #5

With the completion of the arms, shoulders and weapons the main painting is complete! All that remains now is for the decals to be applied, some panel lining and a tiny bit of detailing, before the final topcoat (which is as yet undecided, torn between a satin and a matte finish, whatever takes my fancy at the time I guess).

With the decal artwork completed, I just need to wait on printing, so for the meantime the stein will be put on hold.

Here’s how we’re looking right now:

Arms and shoulders
Arms and shoulders
Fully assembled, waiting for detailing
Fully assembled, waiting for detailing
The gun, looks MEAN
The gun, looks MEAN

..and here’s the latest WIP vid over on YouTube:

A new WIP coming this weekend (probably, although I may take a break for a bit!)