Everyone is going Logic

Joshua Darrah it seems had inadvertently started off a bit of a phenomenon across the community over the past couple of months with this beautifully conceptualised vision of what is the perfect design for a Gundam – the Ver. Logic.

The cubical marvel was conceived between Josh and a friend of his, encompassing a simplistic solid 3d shape with 4 thrusters and a single canon, it’s staggering to think such an object could ever be conceived by human minds I think you will agree. The Ver.Logic follows these tenets:

1. A single piece of armour, without any breaks or vulnerabilities.
2. 4 x Thrusters for maximum mobility
3. One single beam cannon to get the job done.
4. Pilot is safe inside, having been built into the gundam with no chance of ever being let out. It is an honorable sacrifice. (and they don’t even have wi fi, because the armour is so thick)


omnes cubi grandinem – omnes cubi grandinem – omnes cubi grandinem – omnes cubi grandinem – omnes cubi grandinem – omnes cubi grandinem

(all hail the cube six times for six sides)

I added the last bits.

You can listen to the discussion we had on GunplaTalk on the Ver.Logic here too. 

What started of as concept however has become a challenge / gathering of the chosen ones in the community, with several hundred modellers world wide each providing a different take on the original, and while never attaining the same holy immortal infinite zen of the original drawing the models being created have been incredible.

Such scratch building on this scale has been pretty amazing and great fun to see, and it’s been fantastic to see modellers of all levels working on Ver.Logics – and some software 3d modellers have also had a bash with some very cool results. If you would like to see what the world has been up to, join the official facebook group right here and become a member of the holy flock of hexadron. Fancy a go? Well, you’ll never ever build the perfect logic but you can certainly have a go!

Tim came very close to attaining deity status, but only attained the rank of Cuboid Pope.

I’m also having a go, and have finished, but just need to take some suitably cheesy pictures.



A quick look back at 2016

Well that’s 2016 nearly done, and it’s been an interesting year although not as productive as I would have liked (I feel I say this every year?). First off, congrats to Win AKA the Paint Pusher for his second place entry in this years GBWC, and to Tim AKA Child of Mecha for placing 7th. Seeing these works in progress and following they’re time at the GBWC event was a fantastic rollercoaster. Congrats too, to everyone who entered and to Kasuke Yokota for that stunning winning piece that was an incredible testament to the hobby

Looking back over the past year, I think modelling wise I have made some improvements, I feel my detailing skill and air brushing is improving having tried a few more differing styles of light modulation, and new types of paint. I now understand why so many people love using Mr.Color lacquers. It seemed like the UK was never going to be able to get a supply of this stuff and the moment it was available, I stocked up without regret. The coverage, durability and boldness of colour is fantastic.

My favourite kit worked on this year is most certainly the RE/100 GP-04 Gerbera. I find the proportion and design very pleasing, as well as the solid construction and engineering. Painting and detail was a pleasure, and I would even consider getting another for an alternative colour scheme. My experience with the RE/100 line is limited to only 2 so far and both have been fantastic kits. I think I’ve been won over, but would still prefer MG’s, as all good fanboys probably should.

Painting wise, I really enjoyed the Typhoon Cerberus. Although it was a tad laborious, the final result was satisfyingly spiky and battle-ready, and it’s a model I still get much enjoyment from in the display cabinet. The Efreet too was great fun, whereas it’s not in my top 5 kit’s aesthetically, it holds a memory of a nice challenge among fellow YouTubers that I hope we can repeat in future.

I sometimes forget too that I went to Japan this year – it all seemed to go by so quick and it was such a pleasure to take one last look at the 1:1 Gundam in Odaiba. It’s sad it’s coming down next March, but it does get me kind of excited as to what is going to happen next with the 40th anniversary looming. A walking, moving Gundam perhaps? The mind boggles at the thought.

The relaunch of the Mecha Lounge was a nice addition this year, and where the membership is (as expected) slowing a little there remains the beginnings of a community all about the modelling. Hopefully 2017 will bring some new contests and build offs to really get those creatives in gear. I honestly did not expect it to do well at all, and quickly dry up in interaction but members are still logging in and posting, despite it’s seemingly archaic interface. Thank you to everyone who has joined up so far, you’re all the ones making it work.

GunplaTalk, now on it’s 20th episode has been a real pleasure to be a part of. I have met and chatted with some great chaps throughout the year and made some new friends. I look forward to doing more of these in 2017.

YouTubing has been admittedly slow. I think it’s down to the fact I feel like I am delivering more and more of the same content in the form of WIPs, where I am repeating the same processes over and over. I don’t want it to get too dull, but at the same time I want to start posting vids weekly again. If not, the facebook page will be hosting the odd live video feed now and then. We shall see how goes.

I’ll round this short ramble up with a thank you, to everyone in the community and all mecha modelling nerds out there. You’re a genuinely super community, with a gratifyingly low amount of dickery. Much love and respect to you all, have yourself a bloody Merry Christmas and a blooming marvellous New Year.

Update on things + The Mecha Lounge news!

Hello! It’s been some time since my last post, but as always life has been catching up with me and as such some of the ‘ol hobby time has been reduced.

First off, we we’re told last month that the owners of our house have decided to sell, so we had to find a new place to live within 2 months. We managed to find a new place which is a little more costly but slightly more roomy, and will be moving in a little under 2 weeks time. As you can guess, a lot of my time has been taken up packing.

Despite the chaos, I did manage to finish my RE 1/100 Efreet build-off with fellow YouTubers, StyderPrime, Justinius Builds, Zakuaurelius, Jabman025 and 00GundamReviewsV2, you can take a looky here, and see the showcase video here. It was a pleasure to take part in this little jaunt, and some excellent models were produced 🙂

I am also working on the revival of the Mecha Lounge! For those of you who do not know, the Mecha Lounge was a forum that ran a couple of years back for mech modellers all over the world, and was fantastically popular until social media groups started gaining traction. I decided to revive it for several reasons. I no longer felt that modelling groups on facebook, where a useful platform for people serious about mech modelling. Sure, facebook is great for sharing great works and getting advice now and again, but it’s temporary nature means a lot of questions were being asked repeatedly, leading to some people just either not answering or getting pissed off with it. It also means a lot of seriously impressive work just gets missed! The Mecha Lounge had an extensive Q & A and tutorial section, that was a great repository of expert advise and valuable feedback that would never get lost in the noise, or be subject to facebook algorithms that favours advertising over useful content. It also had advise given by verified veterans of mech modelling, so you could always guarantee answers were given with real experience.  I want to have a dedicated source, free to access and without restriction. It’s success will really depend on it’s users, so once it’s ready to roll, it’ll be open for a year to see how it goes. It’ll have compo’s and giveaways too! Be sure to give the Mecha Lounge Facebook page a like for announcements on the official launch date. I expect it should be in one or two months time once I get my shit together and have an A-team ready to go 🙂

If you want to see how it’s going (you won’t see much but you can bookmark this page if you like) visit:


I am also on the lookout for any seasoned mecha modellers out there from all over the planet willing to dedicate some time to making this community the best it can be. Send me a message on the GundamUK facebook page if you are interested!

I shall keep ya’ll updated on the facebook page as to the status of my move. I need to make a new spray booth, and photography area.. looking forward to this project 🙂



Just a plain old update

Just because it has been a while.

It’s been a little busy since I returned form the land of the rising sun (boy do I miss being there…), so I’ve not found the time to post any updates here for a while.

Excuses aside, modelling wise I am around 50% done with the Typhoon, just need to get on and paint the torso, head, arms, shoulders and weather the legs and waist. Progress on the kit can be seen over on the facebook.

TOY-GDM-0795I finally purchased one of my all-time dream kits, the PG GP01/fb, and lordy it’s a big box of plastic I am very much looking forward to getting stuck into. Chances are high this will be my next large project.

I’m currently reading over a few of my older articles at the moment to see if any of my viewpoints have changed. I have always been of the mindset that, in light of new information and / or evidence, your viewpoint should always change to remain with the truth. Attaching an emotion to information can only ever result in a fallacy, so allowing yourself to be proven wrong is liberating. If I find I am still agreeing with everything  have ever written, I am either on the right side of truth, or frightfully stubborn 🙂

We’re currently in discussions about running a new compo over on the UK Gunpla Modellers Group. As we’re still talking about it, I can’t really write much.. other than it’ll certainly be accessible to many modellers from all skill levels, and hopefully a lot of fun.

I have launched, albeit with only 2 designs so far my own T-shirt shop! Not neccesserilly all GundamUK stuff but mostly mech / geek culture stuff that I hope you’ll enjoy. If you want to check it out, visit http://www.gundamuk.threadless.com. New designs will be announced on my facebook page.

That’s it for now, later.



2014 in review

It’s been a mixed bag of good times and bad times this year for me on a personal level, but on a modelling level it’s actually been pretty good. I put out a total of 7 fully painted models this year and delved a little into modification with some third-party metallic parts, photo-etch and pla-plating. I think I am ready to take it up a notch.

My personal favourite model this year is the Sinanju Stein. I have always been a massive fan of it’s design, and to get to paint and customise my own was a pleasure. The results I was very pleased with. I was pretty pleased too with the GM Thunderbolt, bringing back that familiar joy of working with HG models again. They’ve certainly improved, detail wise over the years and have featured a lot in my work this year.

Worst model? Well.. I have not worst as such but there are always little things you spot after making a model that you wish you had done better. I think I could have concentrated a little more on detailing on all of the models but it’s something I will be bearing in mind during the projects of 2015.

2014 has been a good year for meeting new people in the community too, and forging some friendships even more. Our Gentlemanly Build of Gentlemanliness Jesta build-off between myself, Justinius Builds, Hummingbird, Darren, Effael and Derrick has not only been a build-off but an ongoing chat amongst us for several months now, and the banter is both insightful and hilarious. It was also a pleasure to do a unique ‘build swap’ experiment with my friend Augis over in Lithuania, hoping to do another one some time 🙂

The UK Gunpla Modellers Group formed this year over on facebook has been steadily increasing too, and it’s been great to find so many fellow hobbyists relatively locally. Fingers crossed the membership increases. Special thanks to all the members in the group for making it so active and interesting!

The youtube channel has vastly surpassed my expected subscriptions, now nearly reaching 1400! I will continue to stick out vids in the new year for all my ongoing projects.

Lastly, I just want to thank everyone who has shown me tremendous support, feedback and encouragement throughout 2014, and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a marvellous New Year!

Laters old chaps!


A shit few months, but always positive

So, for the last 2 months or so I have not really been a present online as I used to be, for several reasons. First of all, throughout my life I have had very mild and manageable eczema, a skin condition which results in dry, broken skin – especially during the summer. However, in late August into early September this year, it got unusually bad, extremely painful and completely unmanageable. I thought for a while it was down to the various thinners I was using for painting – however I had been using the same thinners for nearly 2 years prior with no problem. Anyway, things steadily got from bad, to worse, and was eventually diagnosed as having infected eczema. With a regime of cleansing, ointments, creams and antibiotics, I was back to relative normality after a month or so of itching, sleepless nights and painful movement. Everything was as looking up…. until… it happened again at the beginning of October! Only this time, it came along side a viral infection of my throat!

To top it off, both my sons and my wife also got ill with the same viral infection. For my wife, it got so bad she was taken into hospital to get her tonsils drained – luckily for her she is now recovering well and back home. One of my beloved cats has also gone missing 🙁

As you can imagine.. this is why I have not really been interacting or making any vids of late, but as I steadily start to finally feel free of this shitty skin condition I have been tinkering around with a few models – finished up the HG Jegan and just cut a video for upload this weekend, and have also started for a facebook group competition a HG Dreissen.

I would just like to say, throughout this crappy time my friends and family have been outstanding, especially my Mum who has been a total saint throughout. I count myself very lucky to have such positive and awesome chaps cheering me up and offering advice and encouragement throughout this difficult time. You know who you all are, so thank you times eleventy ten!

From this point, it’s all fingers and toes crossed that this condition does not become chronic.. and only a one-off. Strict management of it has been key, and only now am I starting to feel relatively normal and am back at work making graphics with cats on them again 🙂

A few words of advice born from this and some nuggets of wisdom learned over the past couple of months from my hours spent listening to philosophy podcasts (:))

Look after yourself.

Let the people know who look out for you, that you appreciate it and cherish them. Look after them, and even if you can’t do much for them, some words of encouragement and support are worth giving.

Remove those from your life who always take, and never offer anything other than negativity.

When your sick, use that time to your advantage and listen and learn something new – it’ll beat back the depression.

Listen to people. Talk to people without boundary. Never put up a front, and always be your honest self. Connect with people – and never ‘small talk’.

Back to mecha very soon, and I also got a new camera – are you ready for the ACTION CAM? 🙂

MG Jesta – Howling Coyote’s Commander Completed

So, I have admittedly skimped a little doing a WIP for this one, mainly due to life events getting in the way, but here it is, the first entry in the 6-modeller build off with Justinius BuildsGary AKA HummingbirdDerick AKA GDX9902 Darren AKA The Anglian viking and Jeff AKA Effael.

Just to recap the theme for this one is based around a 6-MS team based in desert warfare called the ‘howling coyotes’ with each of us taking up a specific spec-ops role. Mine was the commander type, so I modified that huge assault rifle to be a more manageable and lightweight machine pistol, and scratch built a holster on the right leg. I also made a few inconspicuous modifications to the armour and added in some metallic decals for detail. Paint wise, the normal alclad on enamel for the inner frame, tamiya acrylics for the armour and a little vallejo model air this time for some more details. I also used a tamiya weathering set to ‘dirt it up’ a little since the lack of shading make it look a little too ‘right off the production line’.

So, here are some pics. Must say.. what an amazing kit. I really, really enjoyed this build form start to end and the engineering and design is solid. Love it.


MG Sinanju Stein

The MG Sinanju Stein Ver.Ka, Special Ops Medium Range Custom.

Completed using tamiya acrylics, alclad lacquers and humbrol enamels. Modified main weapon with added scope, added vents to upper leg thrusters. Replaced all plastic thrusters with metal versions. Added in metallic studs.

Special thanks to Joshua Nicholas for providing the original inspiration for this one 🙂

GundamUK website – where it gone?

Out with the old and in with the new. The trouble with running such a visually intensive and well designed website it is requires quite a bit of time to upload new images and content to it. Despite making a full content management system for it, I just did not have the time to upload new pictures, create thumbnails, categories and so in in order to display my latest work. In all honesty, with the amount of traffic the site was getting it was not worth the time and effort!

So I decided to chop it all down, in favour of this simple wordpress blog. From this point onwards I will be posting my updates and works right here. I will also be uploading a few galleries (if I can find a decent plugin) of my previous work. I’ll also be adding some pages listing a few resources for us deprived UK folks who want to get into this mecha modelling game.

All the best, brothers, sisters, comrades.