Gundam – Imagination Gone Wild!

jamie-hefferSomething we all enjoy doing when it comes to building our Gunpla, is putting in a little effort to give your own little unique personal touch. Wether it be from something as basic as rearranging decals to a style and placement you prefer, to something a little more advanced like choosing a whole knew colour scheme. In the end you are making something that will satisfy you. Don’t be afraid of spanning out to knew ideas and techniques for that perfect you always wanted!

But what if you are struggling to come up with any ideas? We all have that moment when the Imagination part of the brain is switched off, even for the people who have been in the hobby for years it all happens to us! in that case why don’t you have a moment to sit back and have a little brainstorm? Ask some people in a community page? Any friends who are into Gundam and the hobby? why not ask them for a little brain booster! Or why don’t you take a peek at other peoples work for a bit of added Inspiration?
If you aren’t a people person, thats fine too, why not grab a pencil and have a little sketch of how you want something to look, jotting down notes can be very helpful to look back to when you start building. I always plan out my builds before making a start – I think it helps

I personally don’t think anyone should be scared of sharing their thoughts, their ideas about their plans and designs/completed and ongoing work. You want to make a huge megapartical cannon for that Zaku II? Go ahead and do it! (I think that would be pretty epic to be honest)

We shouldn’t be discouraged from sharing our work with one another, it doesn’t matter about skills, techniques. If you enjoy it, that’s what counts then there is nothing wrong with that! It was your brain that chose to do it that way! Yeah, I know there are some people who do tend to dish out some criticism in this hobby, but then that’s modern life for you. Take it with a pinch of salt. or take it as a bit of advice how you do is entirely up to you! but never be discouraged from trying to expand on greatness!

Missile Pods, Mini Guns or Extra Armour Plating? What do you prefer? When it comes to Mecha building just pile on what you’d like! Or alternatively take some off Maybe you prefer your Gunpla to use just melee weapons? why not make your Gunpla look like it just came out of the Battle of Odessa the choice is yours!

What I’m Getting at is, As personal opinion I think a little bit of thought can go a long way, Imagination is what spawned Mobile Suit Gundam, it is Imagination what gave creation to the mechs we all so love not just from this series, but other mech series too!

Maybe you are a purist at heart? Maybe you just Love the way your Gunpla looks as it is? Thats fine too, sometimes you just can’t improve on perfection as they say! Building out of the box there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you enjoy what you do in the hobby that’s all that matters.

As for me? 23 Years Old and I’ve been a Gundam Fan for the Last 10 years. I legitimately think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I don’t enjoy anything as much as I enjoy Gundam, whether it be from watching it, to reading to as you guessed Building it! I’ve only been taking the Hobby seriously for the last Year, so In terms of skill and technique I’m not the best but I love it! I love a good heated debate about Gundam in general – characters from the series  and  Mech designs is a personal favorite, there’s always a “What if” when talking about Different designs and everyone has their own personal preference it’s nice to compare notes and even take some inspiration from such discussions!

I’ve never done a Blog post before, but I’d like to thank GundamUK for giving me the opportunity to do a Guest post!
It was actually kind of inspiring to write this myself (I’M PUMPED!) as some people would say, But if anyone is every interested in Having a discussion about Anything to do with the Hobby, sharing tips and advice, or having a heated debate about Anything Gundam By all means drop me a Message at my Facebook Page.

Thanks for giving the post a read!
Jamie Heffer – Zeonic Gunpla

I’m also Into the Hobby of Cosplaying for Cons Too (As Char Aznable) if anyone has any questions about anything related to that, don’t hesitate to ask too!