Re/100 GP04G Gerbera – Complete

What a smashing kit. Being my first re/100 I was very impressed with the quality of detail and engineering. It’s definitely a leap forward from the old 1/100 ‘no-grade’ kits of old. Assembly was quick and painless, the leg assembly causing a little bit of trouble is disassembly but upon realising the tiny orange circular vent below the knee was the key to holding it all together it was figured out. Mods wise, only really drilled out some holes in the thrusters, added in a pinhead on the shoulders.

Painting went ok, primed everything as usual in Alclad primer and microfiller, and black enamel for the metallic parts (joints, weapons mostly). Used Alclad stainless steel for the thruster bells as it has a nice dark shiny quality. Used gunmetal as a base for the guns, and duralanium for the joint parts, detailing some parts out with a little brass, gold and silver. Blue parts I used vallejo model air, was not overly pleased with the finish being a little on the matt side, but persisted using french blue as a base, highlighting in RAF azure blue. Again, some details picked out hand painting in gold and silver model air. White parts, pretty standard – Tamiya blue for a base, Tamiya white for the highlight. Everything sealed in Alclad Aquagloss. Panel lined in Humbrol black enamel and sealed with 2 coats of Aquagloss again.

Decals sucked balls. This is the third set from Samuel decal now that has sucked, and I think it’s because it’s ‘mass produced’ I don’t know. The protective layer was non existent meaning I had to be super-careful with application, some just crumbled away so had to source a few from other sheets. You can see a little silvering on the shield decals where I was too paranoid to add softer! Not all of Sammy D’s decals are shit I should say, it’s just pretty hit-and-miss. Oh well.

For the head, cut a small square of iridescent paper for the head camera. Reverse-washed the eye’s using Alclad brass and enamel. Finally, top-coated in Tamiya Flat Clear. Done in just over 6 weekends (2-3 hours here and there!).

Overall, an enjoyable project! Will definitely have another go at a RE/100. I felt I could have done the panel lining a little cleaner and perhaps masked off a few more areas of off-white on some more of the armour parts, and perhaps even a different shade of blue on the blue parts.  Highlighting over Tamiya blue is a bit time consuming since it’s so dark, so I think next time I’ll go for a grey?

You can catch the WIP series here on YouTube, or see the gallery below:

Here’s some pics!