Goals for 2015

I’m not normally any kind of decent long-term  planner, often resorting to off the cuff or spontaneous decisions, and I certainly do not make any kind of new years resolutions when it comes to everyday life, much to my wife’s annoyance. However, this year I decided to put together a list. A small set of modelling related goals I would like to achieve in 2015, time and life permitting. Let’s break it down, and give it a review next January.

  1. Complete the PG unicorn, fully painted, detailed up with the LED set and the full armour parts.
  2. Complete a fully resin kit.
  3. Do at least one model, fully weathered and battle damaged.
  4. Take better photo’s, and improve my lighting set-up.
  5. Post more videos.

And that’s it! Not much.. I know.. but considering the amount of time I have available to me at my workbench, this will be challenging. Let’s see how it goes.

Happy new year everyone 🙂