A shit few months, but always positive

So, for the last 2 months or so I have not really been a present online as I used to be, for several reasons. First of all,Β throughout my life I have had very mild and manageable eczema, a skin condition which results in dry, broken skin – especially during the summer. However, in late August into early September this year, it got unusually bad, extremely painful and completely unmanageable. I thought for a while it was down to the various thinners I was using for painting – however I had been using the same thinners for nearly 2 years prior with no problem. Anyway, things steadily got from bad, to worse, and was eventually diagnosed as having infected eczema. With a regime of cleansing, ointments, creams and antibiotics, I was back to relative normality after a month or so of itching, sleepless nights and painful movement. Everything was as looking up…. until… it happened again at the beginning of October! Only this time, it came along side a viral infection of my throat!

To top it off, both my sons and my wife also got ill with the same viral infection. For my wife, it got so bad she was taken into hospital to get her tonsils drained – luckily for her she is now recovering well and back home. One of my beloved cats has also gone missing πŸ™

As you can imagine.. this is why I have not really been interacting or making any vids of late, but as I steadily start to finally feel free of this shitty skin condition I have been tinkering around with a few models – finished up the HG Jegan and just cut a video for upload this weekend, and have also started for a facebook group competition a HG Dreissen.

I would just like to say, throughout this crappy time my friends and family have been outstanding, especially my Mum who has been a total saint throughout. I count myself very lucky to have such positive and awesome chaps cheering me up and offering advice and encouragement throughout this difficult time. You know who you all are, so thank you times eleventy ten!

From this point, it’s all fingers and toes crossed that this condition does not become chronic.. and only a one-off. Strict management of it has been key, and only now am I starting to feel relatively normal and am back at work making graphics with cats on them again πŸ™‚

A few words of advice born from this and some nuggets of wisdom learned over the past couple of months from my hours spent listening to philosophy podcasts (:))

Look after yourself.

Let the people know who look out for you, that you appreciate it and cherish them. Look after them, and even if you can’t do much for them, some words of encouragement and support are worth giving.

Remove those from your life who always take, and never offer anything other than negativity.

When your sick, use that time to your advantage and listen and learn something new – it’ll beat back the depression.

Listen to people. Talk to people without boundary. Never put up a front, and always be your honest self. Connect with people – and never ‘small talk’.

Back to mecha very soon, and I also got a new camera – are you ready for the ACTION CAM? πŸ™‚

Just a quick update

So, I have been a little quiet of late but have been working on a couple of things. First up, I am working on a HG Jegan, in conjunction with a mecha modelling buddy of mine in which we each chose each others model to build. A full build video from start to end will be going up once this is done (probably in the next couple of weeks).

Also working on the F-95 conversion kit, prepped the wing frame and cleaned up the resin parts, not a lot of progress admittedly but progress all the same.

So.. thats it really! I will be putting out a few different style vids int he coming weeks thanks to some fantastic feedback I received over on the facebook page.

Hope you’re all good, catch you later πŸ™‚