Zaku II + Big Gun Thunderbolt – Complete

Completed the Zaku II + Big Gun Thunderbolt. This was a pretty nice little build. I think quite a few people don’t really appreciate what a nice little challenge building a HG kit is. With MG’s, your pretty much spoiled by nice colour separation and little effort (more so in modern kits) in having to modify for seam line removal – with HG’s you are challenged to make it look better!

Here’s the final shots, admittedly a little dark and splotchy but due to time constraints I had to shoot this in the late afternoon which meant poor lighting.

The model itself turned out good, I did mess up a little along the ankles not covering up those seam lines, but I was pretty proud of how I managed to cover up the seam lines on the joints. Decals silvered a tad, but this kit being a fun build rather than a seriously concerted effort i’m pretty happy with the final result.

My 9 tenets of the Mecha Modelling Pro

My 9 tenets of being a definitive mecha modelling Pro;

  1. You paint your models.
  2. You remove, or make good use of seam lines and leave no nubs.
  3. Your paint work is thought out, refined, balanced and to scale.
  4. Your detailing work is clean.
  5. You can weather your kit, in scale and environment.
  6. You can not see the edges of decals.
  7. Your modifications fit the model.
  8. Your style is unique.
  9. You treat other modellers, regardless of skill level with the same level of grace and respect they show you.

Would you agree? Anything you would add?


Is Gunpla an addiction?

Can what starts off as a cheap past-time turn into an expensive addiction? I have heard the term on many occasions from the community describing Gunpla as ‘plastic crack’. Whereas the usual social connotations of addiction can apply, I am yet to hear of anyone stealing their grandmothers TV while she watches it to get their next ‘fix’ đŸ™‚

From my own experience, starting out in the hobby I always promised myself, I will never leave a kit unpainted, and keep my backlog of kits to a minimum. This of course, did not hold out and the backlog continues to grow faster than I can knock them out. I do fall victim to spurious impulse purchases for sure – but only if I genuinely really want that particular kit – or the price is so ludicrously low I would be insane not to purchase it for resale.

Looking at my other friends in the community – my ‘problem’ pales in comparison – and I am sure that many of them would reluctantly agree that perhaps their backlog is kits is perhaps a little too plentiful.

On the face of it, when a new kit arrives we all get a little excited about it. Some of us it seems just have to have it, while others are happy to just let it pass as it just will not appeal to them. I would put myself in the latter category – although I am not immune to the hype surrounding particular kits – or the influence of my friends in the community.

I think it’s logical to assume that this ‘addition’ is more prevalent to the collectors in the hobby as the obsession for completion is certainly stronger than their need to make a handsome model – but my own experience and others proves this to be somewhat of a fallacy.

So, what do you think? Have you ever experienced financial difficulty, or problems in your own relationships because of your obsession with Gunpla?

Let me know your thoughts!


MG Jesta – Howling Coyote’s Commander Completed

So, I have admittedly skimped a little doing a WIP for this one, mainly due to life events getting in the way, but here it is, the first entry in the 6-modeller build off with Justinius Builds, Gary AKA Hummingbird, Derick AKA GDX9902 Darren AKA The Anglian viking and Jeff AKA Effael.

Just to recap the theme for this one is based around a 6-MS team based in desert warfare called the ‘howling coyotes’ with each of us taking up a specific spec-ops role. Mine was the commander type, so I modified that huge assault rifle to be a more manageable and lightweight machine pistol, and scratch built a holster on the right leg. I also made a few inconspicuous modifications to the armour and added in some metallic decals for detail. Paint wise, the normal alclad on enamel for the inner frame, tamiya acrylics for the armour and a little vallejo model air this time for some more details. I also used a tamiya weathering set to ‘dirt it up’ a little since the lack of shading make it look a little too ‘right off the production line’.

So, here are some pics. Must say.. what an amazing kit. I really, really enjoyed this build form start to end and the engineering and design is solid. Love it.