GBWC 2014 China – My picks

So, I was in ‘gloat mode’ last year after correctly fluking guessing who the winner of the GBWC 2013 was going to be, so I thought this year I would post my pick as to who I think potential finalists will be!

Let’s see if I am anywhere near getting it right… 🙂

Here are my picks for potential winners in China’s leg of the GBWC.

This one is definitely my favourite, hopefully this does well!
A bit of an obvious choice..

china_gbwc2 china_gbwc3

MG Jesta Build-off – Part 1

So if you have been following my youtube channel or facebook page, you’ll know I have been steadily working away on a master grade Jesta, as part of a 5-team build off. The premise is simple – each one of us is taking a specific MS type that make up a single special-ops unit based in a desert-ops style.  I chose the commander type, so with that in mind I decided to do away with any heavy weaponry and strip back the armour a little.

The first mod was to reduce the main rifle right down to a machine-pistol style weapon, so I kept the handle grip and cartridges, and glued the grip to the underside of a pistol-fashioned sandwich of pla-plates, and added on some koto detailing with a little panel scribing.



I then knocked up a little holster, and glued that to an outside lower-right leg armour panel to be attached later on once painted:

holsterI then got to work painting and testing out a ‘tiger stripe’ pattern on the armour, similar in style to a Marasai HG I painted a year or so back. The first attempt looked good.. but the contrast was a just too faint for any kind of nice visual impact.


So I painted over that, took the yellow down a tone or two with a little more brown, and arrived at this:


Much better 🙂 So, I went ahead and painted the inner frame for the arms, body, head and backpack in the usual alclad II duralanum, with a few masked bits of detail here and there, and went ahead with the tiger stripe pattern over most of the parts, leaving some in the base and darker tones for a little contrast.


After a clear coating, I set those parts aside for some panel lining and decalling later on once the legs have been completed, and started on the inner frame parts for the legs. I also gave the pistol a prime, sand and smooth, and added a base coat of dark grey.

pistol_primedAnd that’s about it up until now, progress is nice and steady 🙂

If you missed them, here’s a couple of vids I posted on YT over the past couple of weeks showing a little more detail of how I masked the pattern, and a little bit more about my fellow build-off partakers, Justinius, Effael, Hummingbird, Darren and GDX9902.

More updates soon! 🙂