Zaku II big gun thunderbolt WIP#1

Now assembled and de-nubbed, the next process is a little bit of somewhat tedious seam line removal along the tripod legs, a little on the main gun and a little more on the Zaku’s arms and legs.

The plan is for this one is to do a complete OOB build and paint, perhaps (gulp) weathering. We shall see how goes. Here’s a couple of pix of how it’s all looking so far:

20140628_151003 20140628_151008 20140628_151020

MG Sinanju Stein

The MG Sinanju Stein Ver.Ka, Special Ops Medium Range Custom.

Completed using tamiya acrylics, alclad lacquers and humbrol enamels. Modified main weapon with added scope, added vents to upper leg thrusters. Replaced all plastic thrusters with metal versions. Added in metallic studs.

Special thanks to Joshua Nicholas for providing the original inspiration for this one πŸ™‚

Sinanju Stein – Work in progress #6

So, after waiting for a couple of weeks and starting on the Zaku II + Big Gun HG, I finally received the custom decals from Samuel Decal for the Sinanju Stein.

How are they? Well, a bit of a mixed bag. The clarity was very good, nice sharp and clean lines. The tiny text is illegible (not entirely unexpected) and the bigger text is readable enough to be useable, so I started applying them.Β The silver decals are good, about as strong as I would expect custom decals to be – the white however will break apart ten meters away from a gnats fart – and keep silvering for some reason – so I am trying to keep their use to a minimum.

At this point, I am mostly done – just the legs, sideskirts and feet to go before I go ahead and seal it all in with a clear coat. Then comes a matte coat – and finally the metal studs. Hopefully, all going to plan.. I can get this badboy finally completed tomorrow and start a photo shoot. Here’s a few pix of how it’s going so far:

P1050224 P1050227