Sinanju Stein – Work in Progress #1

Other than what is shown in the vid link below, I have so far only managed to do the enamel base coat on the inner frame parts. Unfortunately, most of this weekend was taken up with looking after by poor youngest son who is not feeling too well 🙁

More coming next weekend, as i’ll have an extra day to make some progress 🙂

GundamUK website – where it gone?

Out with the old and in with the new. The trouble with running such a visually intensive and well designed website it is requires quite a bit of time to upload new images and content to it. Despite making a full content management system for it, I just did not have the time to upload new pictures, create thumbnails, categories and so in in order to display my latest work. In all honesty, with the amount of traffic the site was getting it was not worth the time and effort!

So I decided to chop it all down, in favour of this simple wordpress blog. From this point onwards I will be posting my updates and works right here. I will also be uploading a few galleries (if I can find a decent plugin) of my previous work. I’ll also be adding some pages listing a few resources for us deprived UK folks who want to get into this mecha modelling game.

All the best, brothers, sisters, comrades.